International Behavioural Public Policy Association

It is now three years since the launch of the Behavioural Public Policy journal. Over this time the community of contributors and readers has grown and spread. To partner the journal, we have established an annual conference and, recently, the International Behavioural Public Policy Association, with the latter intended as a useful umbrella organisation for all those interested in this growing multidisciplinary field.

As with so many activities the Covid19 pandemic made some of the practical steps needed to establish a new association more challenging than usual in 2020. Nonetheless, in April 2021 it was finally ready to launch, with a membership administration system, and with an Advisory Board in place comprising leading figures in the field.

The Association will, we hope, bring a stronger sense of inclusion to all those active in behavioural public policy, from whatever discipline. As this field has developed we have witnessed the benefits of true multidisciplinarity, from anthropology to zoology. The Association aims to play a part in promoting active knowledge sharing across disciplines and contexts.

Tangible Benefits

Aside from this valuable facilitation of interaction between researchers the Association offers many other tangible benefits. Perhaps the most significant are free online access to the latest volume of the journal and to all back issues, and a 10% reduction on registration fees for the IBPPA conference. The journal is now into its fifth volume, with more than 140 articles in past issues or the Firstview pages available only to members or by subscription.

First Annual BPP Conference

The first annual conference will be held in September 2022, at the LSE in London, having been postponed due to the pandemic. Future conferences will be held at universities worldwide. Theoretical, methodological, conceptual and applied work will be considered for oral presentation.

Seminar Invitations

Aside from these benefits from membership others will, we are sure, develop as the interaction and ideas begin to flow. For example, there is a monthly seminar in Behavioural Public Policy, as part of the LSE’s Hayek Programme. Early speakers since the launch during the pandemic have included Cass SunsteinKaty Milkman and Robert Sugden. Invitations to these interactive seminars are being extended to all members of the IBPPA following the launch of the Association. 

How to Join

The annual membership fee is £20 (or the equivalent in other currencies)

This has been described by “accidental behavioural economist” Koen Smets as:

“up there with the very best value for money memberships”.

@Koenfucius 5th April 2021

Joining is very easy, and there is no sludge in the annual renewal system trying to trap you in perpetual membership. There will, of course, be no need for auto-renewal traps. 

Please do join using the link below